This is my testimony on how I met the Lord….

     When I was young, I said a very honest prayer to God. I wasn’t trying to test God But really wanted truth. I said ” God if your real I want to get to know you. We celebrate Jesus’s birthday at Christmas and His Death at Easter. If your real, please tell me why He had to die (I didn’t know then that Jesus rose from the grave and the significance of it.) At church we sing Father, Son And Holy Spirit. If your real please tell me about the Holy Spirit. I want to know you if your real.” Nothing happened that night and I’m thankful because I could later doubt by thinking I conjured it all up in my mind by expecting it.

     Around two weeks later, Oct 23 1983 at around 4am God’s presence came into my bedroom. I could feel God’s Holiness and power all around me. I felt led to get up so I did. I felt led to get dressed so I did. I felt led to go outside and into the back yard and I did. I felt led to look up and when I did an angel appeared. I spoke out to God and said ” That’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw!”  Immediately, God’s presence that was around me, came into me and I was filled with the Holy Spirit before I knew it was scriptural. I sat down on the bench swing in the back yard and cried for a while. I was overwhelmed by His love and forgiveness. After I calmed down I looked back up and asked if He was still there (I had already gotten accustomed to His presence). God’s spirit flooded through me again and the Lord said “Yes I’m here”. I told God, “If You want me to cross the Sahara to tell one person that You are alive and real, I will do it. If You want me to wake all my neighbors, I don’t care that it’s four in the morning, to tell them that you’re alive and real, I will do it. What ever you want me to do, you name it. I’ll do it.” The Lord spoke to me and said ” John, your tired, go to bed. ” I smiled at the Lord and went to bed.