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The Christian Spiritual Diet

                    How I met the Lord               

This is a twofold ministry:

     First I'm evangelistic in winning the lost for Jesus’ sake. Everywhere there is an opportunity to introduce people to Jesus. In the store, at work and in the most difficult communities people need Jesus. My additional hope is to get the folks plugged into a local fellowship to gain the encouragement that they need to build their faith and strength in Jesus Christ.

     Second this ministry is dedicated to building and equipping the church. Many churches face the problem of having an introverted body. We have a tendency of forgetting the lost outside of the walls that serve us. It’s hard for a pastor to motivate a congregation into an extroverted mindset when they are tied up with their daily life schedule that’s so busy. Many of the people are additionally afraid of the worldly opposition because it is unsafe. For the ones that come to know Jesus and are alcoholic, drug addicted, gay, transsexual, gang influenced, from the occult or may even be Satanic how do we minister to such a dangerous brood?

     In going to a church I do my best to allow everyone to sit back and be ministered to. To accomplish this I provide the worship as well as the message. The main goal is to encourage people to walk in the holy spirit and to become empowered. Through the process of bringing the heart out of people they become more committed and they focus more on Christ centered goals.